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Newsletter May 2016

Our first Enterprise week was a phenomenal success. The pupils relished the chance to put their entrepreneurial skills to the test and it was wonderful that so many family members were able to come in and support them. The amounts raised by each class were:

Drexel £121.15     1 Bakhita £185.50    1 Orione £318.10    2 Alphonsa £223.96    2 Bosco £178.48     3 Lupita £265.00     4 Tekakwitha £248.09      5 Kolbe £212.53     6 Hurtado £209.23

In total, we raised an outstanding £1962.04!!

First image
First image

This was in addition to the incredible £1,343.12 raised by the PTA’s ‘Grow a Pound’ Scheme.  Thank you to the PTA members who thought up this great fund-raising initiative.  A big well-done to the winner of the competition, Leah from 1 Bakhita (raising £101 by selling videos of herself singing) and runner-up, Poppy from 1 Orione (raising £87.55 by selling pictures to her family).

Year 6 SATs

We were so impressed with our Year Six class throughout their preparation for their SATs. They worked incredibly hard, rose to the challenge of the new National Curriculum and changes to the assessment regime and did their families, the staff and themselves proud! Well done Year Six!! We are sure that they will reap the rewards of their efforts when they receive their results. A massive thank you to Mr Atherton and ‘Team SATs’ for going above and beyond to ensure the children reach their full potential.

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Following 18 years dedicated service to St Catherine’s, Mrs Lee has decided that the time has come for her to retire.  As a staff, we received the news with very mixed emotions – we are delighted that she will have the opportunity of a well-deserved, happy retirement, but are all struggling to come to terms with the idea of a St Catherine’s without Mrs Lee!  Over the years, many of you will have come to know her well, as the ‘public face’ of the school.  It is fair to say that her contribution to school life has been unique!  Throughout her time here, she has been invaluable – words cannot express the impact she has had on the lives of children, parents and staff at the school.  We wish her well in her life of leisure and hope that she will continue to be a part of the wider ‘family’ of St Catherine’s for many years to come.  We will miss you, Mrs Lee!

Sadly, we also say goodbye to two other highly-valued members of staff; Miss Lee and Mr Alger are both leaving St Catherine’s at the end of the year.  Having worked here for many years, Miss Lee is seeking new adventures, hoping to travel, experience different cultures and work on her tan – we look forward to receiving postcards and photo updates!  Mr Alger has also decided the time is right to move beyond the world of education – we wish him every success in his new career.  We are sure he will still visit and be ‘DJ Alger on the decks’ at future St Catherine’s discos! 


New Classes

The classes for next will be as follows (main class teacher’s name in bold):

EYFS (Teresa)- Miss Watson, Miss Payne and Mrs Pargeter
Year One (Drexel)- Miss Oram and Mrs Pestana
Year Two (Orione)- Mrs Griffin and Mrs Phipps
Year Two (Bakhita)- Mr McKew and Mrs Flanagan
Year Three (Bosco)- Miss Smith and Mrs Fisher
Year Three (Alphonsa)- Miss Gabriel and Mrs McHugh
Year Four (Lupita)- Mrs Togher, Ms Tasker and Mrs Metcalfe
Year Five (Tekakwitha)- Mr Wicks and Mrs Reidy
Year Six (Kolbe)- Mr Atherton, Mr Young, Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Waugh

We are looking forward to welcoming new members of staff and are excited about the coming academic year.

With love from the family of St Catherine’s.
Miss Kane