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This week Bubbles A, B and C learnt all about incredible India. We participated in different activities throughout the week to get the cultural experience of India. We created our own henna designs, tried our hands at Rangoli sand art and thoroughly enjoyed our Bollywood dance sessions with the adults. The highlight of the week was the food tasting where we learnt to make delicious, Indian style samosas. Truly a unique and enjoyable experience of the Indian art and culture!


This week, we learnt all about magnificent Mexico! We learnt about the Day of The Dead, designed our own Sombreros and made our own musical marracas. We danced to the Mexican beats and tried the Mexican hat dance. Food tasting and mocktail making was the most enjoyable as we got to name and make our own mocktails. We also got to be food critics this week and had to taste and rate different mexican dips with nachos! Sour cream and chive was everybody ‘s favourite. Yummm! What an exciting week!