Year 6 Orione

“Only charity will save the world”

Luigi Giovanni Orione was an Italian priest who was active in answering the social needs of his nation as it faced the social upheavals of the late 19th century. To this end, he founded a religious institute of men. He was canonised in May 2004 and declared a saint by the Catholic Church.

We love basing our learning on different books to help inspire our writing. We try hard to include challenging vocabulary, punctuation and grammatical features within our writing.

In Year 6, we have our English map, but we work towards ticking off the standards on our ITAF map below.

We will be working hard to become secure with our arithmetic and to learn strategies to solve reasoning problems this year.

We love doing practical activities in Science to make our learning more fun and memorable. We are starting by learning about living things and their habitats.

We will be learning about different aspects of Catholic life this year as well as learning about other religions. We are starting with our “Loving” topic, looking at unconditional love of God and people within our lives.

We love our forest schools sessions with Mr Phil and can’t wait to continue this year. It is great to get out into nature to enjoy the outdoors and make the most of our amazing school environment.

We are so excited to meet and get to know our Reception buddies this year- helping them with the daily mile, lunches and breaktimes.

We really are a talented group- inside and outside of school! Whether it be sports, music, home learning, classwork or other awards. This is not it though…look out in the future because you will see big things from all of us!