We hope that you feel St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School would be the right choice for your family. We would love to welcome you to St Catherine’s and show you the school we have created and what we can offer your child or children.

In the meantime please take a look around our website to see everything that we can offer to your child. As there is a lot of information here, the pages under EYFS, RE, Curriculum and Parents menus above would be good places to start.

In-Year Applications (from September 2021)

As a result of our double intake for this year, there are places still available. If you were disappointed with the place allocated to your child, or have recently moved into the area, you may apply for a place using the Herts on-line application system. Although the school is currently not open to the public owing to COVID-19, if you would like to find out more about the school before you apply, please contact the Headteacher directly on to arrange an initial discussion.

On occasions, places become available during the academic year. These can be in any year group for any number of reasons, including families moving out of the area. Our current vacancies are as follows:

Year GroupPlacesVacancies
Reception (double intake) 6014 places
Year 1 (double intake)6012 places
Year 230FULL
Year 3341 place
Year 434FULL
Year 534FULL
Year 634FULL
Last updated 11 August 2021

For the latest update on available school places please email or call the school office on 01923 676022.

To apply for a place you must complete an online application through Hertfordshire’s Admissions Team by following this link, and complete the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) below, which must be delivered to the school office along with the required documentation.

You will be advised of the outcome of your application in writing as soon as possible. Applicants must be informed of the outcome of their application within 15 school days of receipt, but the aim is to notify applicants of the outcome of their application within 10 school days of receipt. You have the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel if your application is unsuccessful.

Applications for classes that are full will be placed on the ‘Continuing Interest List’. When a place becomes available, the Admissions Committee meets to rank applications according to the admissions policy below. Places are then offered out to the applicant ranked the highest. Please note: the applications are reset annually at the end of June; you must re-apply from 1st July if you wish to stay on the continuing interest list for the following academic year.

Applications for entry September 2022

Reception30 placesNormal admissions round closes 15th January 2022
Year 34 placesApplications should be made using the in-year process from 1st July 2022

Applications for entry September 2023

Reception30 placesNormal admissions round closes 15th January 2023
Year 38 placesApplications should be made using the in-year process from 1st July 2023

Open Days

Due to Covid lockdown, we are unable to offer tours of the school. However, please do email or call the school office on 01923 676022 to book a slot on one of our Zoom sessions at either 4pm on Monday 23rd November or 5pm on Monday 7th December.

Parish Boundaries

Please follow this link for an interactive map showing the boundaries of parishes referenced in our admissions policy.


Parents who may wish to appeal against their child’s allocated primary school place should follow this link to the Hertfordshire School Appeals page. Please also see the document below from the Local Authority: