Dominican History

Our school was opened by the Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena, in April 1964. This particular group of Sisters was founded in South Africa, in 1896, by Mother Rose Niland and from the beginning, Education was their mission focus.

The Dominican Family draws its inspiration from St Dominic (who lived in the 12th and 13th centuries) and has spread all over the world, engaging in the mission of bringing the gospel message and good news of Christ. The constant search for Truth (“Veritas”) is their driving force and Motto. Education must be based on an understanding and expression of truth, fully expressed in the person of Jesus Christ.

The Dominicans established several schools in Hertfordshire and Middlesex, including St Michael’s Catholic High School. However, times change and due to the declining number of vocations and ageing Sisters, schools were handed over to the Diocese of Westminster.

St Catherine’s is blessed with its rich tradition and puts Christ at the centre of all its work. Our Mission Statement is “Be who God created you to be and you will set the world on fire.” We continue to maintain a strong Catholic ethos, embrace Dominican values, whilst striving for excellence in the education of our children, who have a solid foundation on which to build and achieve.

The History of St Catherine of Siena

Born in 1347, at Siena, Italy, St Catherine lived through the Black Death, famine and numerous civil wars. During her lifetime the papal residence moved from Rome to Avignon and back again, and the great western Schism pitted Pope against anti-pope. Even at a young age, Catherine sensed the troubled society around her and wanted to help. Childishly, she dreamed of dressing up like a man to become a Dominican friar; more than once she ran into the street to kiss the ground where Dominicans walked. For more information about St Catherine click here.