Cultural Capital

We aim to provide our pupils with a wealth of enrichment experiences throughout their time at St Catherine’s. We do this through school trips, workshops and visitors.

One of the key aims of our curriculum intent is:

To build on the rich cultural capital of our school community

We seek to value and celebrate the uniqueness of each child and their heritage. To provide a curriculum in which our children see themselves and are seen, which recognises and builds on the cultural capital that our families bring to the school, as well as exposing children to key powerful elements of British and world culture.

How do we plan to build on our pupils’ cultural capital?

  1. We carry out a yearly survey, asking or families to tell us about the cultural capital they bring to the school. We want to recognise and celebrate the rich cultures, languages, religions and traditions that our children come from.

We are a Polish family who strongly believes in hard work and takes great pride in our history and roots. We try to instill in our children the values of being human, kind, empathic, tolerant and respectful towards others. We also stress to our children that striving for the best outcome and being the best versions of ourselves is much more important than the actual end result.

Year 1 Parent

We bring Nigerian food, language and tradition.

Year 3 Parent

We are of Indian heritage, so the food, clothing, music (happy to do a Bollywood dance class) and festivals for example would be great to share.

EYFS Parent

2. We ask families what experiences their children currently have and how frequently.

3. We ask our families what enrichment activities they think would benefit their children.

I think opening children’s eyes to different experiences can lead to new careers, goals and passions. For example, I have seen a Van Gogh interactive art gallery that seems to run annually that could be a wonderful experience. An Art gallery is a place that I haven’t taken my own children to yet but would love to experience art in a different way. The recent workshops you have run have been really positively received by our children and are days that they really remember at school. Thank you for constantly looking at other ways the school can enhance the children’s learning.

Parent Year 5

Great idea, love the fact kids building greater awareness of different cultures and in doing it in an interactive and super interesting and fun way, if any possibility of schools trips to enhance this even more, I think would be fantastic and super exciting for the kids.

Year 2 Parent

4. We think about key elements of world and British culture which every child deserves to be exposed to.

5. We plan our enrichment activities!

Enrichment Activities 2021-2022

Visitors and Workshops

School Trips

Pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 undertake an annual residential trip. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop maturity, independece and confidence. The children also acquire new skills, face challenges and overcome fears.