DOWAT and The Diocese

Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust

St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School is a member of the Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust. For more information, including other member schools, please follow this link.

Our Headteacher joined the Board of DOWAT in 2015, with our Chair of Governors, Mike Pargeter, joining in 2018. We both attend monthly Board meetings and work closely with other schools within our Trust.

St Michael’s Catholic High School

We are fortunate to share a field with our sister Dominican school, St Michael’s Catholic High School. As members of DOWAT, close neighbours and as one of St Michael’s feeder schools, we have extremely close links.

Every year we take part in the ‘One World’ festival at St Michael’s. It is a wonderful opportunity to engage with other local Deanery schools.

St Michaels’ pupils, particularly former St Catherine’s ones, carry out weekly community service at our school. They are always a credit to St Michael’s and demonstrate the shared commitment to giving back to society.

Westminster Diocese

At St Catherine’s we are delighted to celebrate events with other schools within the Diocese.