Ethos, Values & Vision

At St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School our Mission Statement is:

“Be who God created you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

Ethos, Values & Vision

St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School is one which promotes the formation and flourishing of the whole person and prepares our pupils for life in the rapidly changing and multi-cultural British society in which we live.  Christ is at the centre of all that we do. The belief that we are all loved by God underpins our educational mission and ethos. Children here spend their days within a community of love, where we collaborate, challenge and thoughtfully plan not only for their spiritual and learning journey for life but also for developing the emotional, social and physical potential of all children in our care.


We work to unite school, home and parish, thus helping children grow as religiously literate and engaged individuals who are passionate in their commitment to and understanding of the Common Good.

We encourage all in the St. Catherine’s family to live by our Gospel Values, think as Global Citizens, promote our British Values, champion social justice and lead by example within our school, local and wider community.

Behaviour & Safeguarding

We strive for a culture where children are and feel safe, respected, listened to, able to make mistakes and above all are empowered to learn from these.

Teaching & Learning

We deliver a broad curriculum, rooted in an appreciation of and engagement in the world around us.

We are uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence and strive for the highest levels of achievement and progress for all.

We cultivate and promote holistic growth in our children.

We inspire our pupils to be inquisitive and resilient, display a thirst for knowledge, a love of learning that pushes their own personal boundaries.

Our vision for EYFS is for a highly stimulating environment, which provides rich, varied and imaginative experiences, where teaching is highly responsive to children’s needs.

We want our pupils to be surrounded by natural materials and resources, in an interesting and ever-changing outdoor and indoor area, to help develop their curiosity, to ensure they ask questions and talk about things they have discovered.

Our Community

We believe in a culture of transparent, honest, continual dialogue between stakeholders, which is timely, relevant and utilises the full range of communication tools.

We aim to promote the excellence and achievements of our community, further our reputation as a leading Catholic school and be a proactive member of The Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust (DOWAT).