Inspired by the author Joseph Coelho, Year 4 were creating their own comic books and books on World Book Day!#StCathsReading

World Book Day is all about sharing books we love and taking a moment to, ‘Drop Everything And Read!’

At St. Catherine’s, our mission is rooted in ensuring that every child feels represented in the literature they read. We meticulously select books that resonate with our diverse community, ensuring that children “feel seen” through characters, stories, and authors that reflect their vast cultural backgrounds and heritages. We firmly believe that exposure to such inclusive literature fosters a sense of belonging and inspires high aspirations in every child. Moreover, we are dedicated to nurturing the belief that everyone, regardless of their origins, can become a skilled and accomplished writer. Through our curriculum, we aim to empower every student to discover their voice and storytelling prowess, fostering a community where literary expression knows no bounds.

In Year 5 , children delved into the captivating world of celebrated author Tola Okogwu as part of their exploration for World Book Day. Through engaging lessons and activities, they gained insight into Okogwu’s background and the driving forces behind her journey to becoming an author. From her cultural heritage to personal experiences, students discovered the diverse influences that shaped Okogwu’s literary pursuits. By immersing themselves in her story, Year 5 not only celebrated the richness of her work but also gleaned valuable lessons about resilience, creativity, and the power of storytelling.

To promote a love of reading and to spark curiosity in our pupils, Year 6 met with their reception buddies for book, buddy and biscuit time!

Please see below for lists of books that your child will love!

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We love to use a range of literature to link our learning!

Parents, grandparents and other family members are invited to come into school to share breakfast and read to the pupils.

As part of our mission to encourage children to be proactive readers, we have introduced Book Bingo! This is a great way to keep children on track with their reading and provide them with a focus.