Parent Partnership

The Right of Baptism recognises that parents, ‘will be the first teachers of their children in the ways of the faith.’ The Red Book

Parent Partnership

As a school, we value parental input in every aspect of your child’s education. We endeavour to keep you informed of all school related matters and enable you to effectively support our delivery of the curriculum. Parent Partnership Days (PPDs) are opportunities for you to come into school, meet our staff, learn about specific aspects of your child’s education and ask any questions you may have. In our current, Covid-19 world, we are unable to hold such days. Instead, we will be organising a series of Zoom meetings.

Every half-term the SLT will hold a SLT Zoom Forum. This is an opportunity for you to feedback on any aspect of school life. We would encourage you to email in items for the agenda in advance. Your contributions are invaluable in enabling us to be the best school possible.

Thank you to all those who sent in emails and who were present in person at our first SLT Zoom Forum. We really appreciated your feedback. Please see below for a recording of the session.

In Spring Term 2020, we held a PPD for parents in order to explain our new behaviour policy and the rationale behind it. Please see the Powerpoint for more details.

We also held a Reading PPD to share information about our new reading scheme. If you want to find out more, or look for some online e-books, follow this link…