Remote Learning Provision

Please see our Remote Learning Offer.

There are three main situations in which we may need to utilise our Remote Learning Provision:

  1. In the event of an individual pupil having to self-isolate.
  2. Where we have to close one or more Bubbles following a positive Covid-19 test and on the advice of Public Health England.
  3. If the Government introduces a local or national lockdown in which schools are closed.

Pupil self-isolating

Scenario 1

Pupil is awaiting a Covid test. The majority of children in this situation have been back to school within 2-3 days.  In this case, the class teacher will call you to discuss the learning which the child will miss and will provide you with materials for those days.

Scenario 2

A member of the child’s household has tested positive for Covid-19 and the child has to isolate for 14 days.

The class teacher will phone you to discuss your ability to access remote learning.  They will provide you with all plans and resources for the lessons that they will miss. The teacher will hold a Google Meet meeting/telephone call with the child once a week.

Partial or full school-closure

Schools are required to provide education in the Core curriculum areas (English, Maths, Science and Religious Education).  This will be delivered via Google classroom and supplemented by Government recommended resources and existing school online learning platforms (mainly Oak Academy, IXL, TTS and White Rose).

Daily timetable:

Google Meet between 9 and 10am:

Online English/Phonics and Maths lesson:

Afternoon a selection of Foundation Subjects, including:

End of day:


Timetable for Morning registration –

9.00-9.10- Year 6

9.10-9.20- Year 5

9.20-9.30- Year 4

9.30-.9.40- Year 3

9.40-9.50- Year 2

9.50-10.00- Year 1

10.10-10.20- EYFS

Timetable for afternoon feedback session-

2.30-2.40- EYFS

2.40-2.50- Year 1

2.50-3.00- Year 2

3.00-3.10- Year 3

3.10-3.20- Year 4

3.20-3.30- Year 5

3.30-3.40- Year 6

Teachers or teaching assistants may invite pupils to meet virtually throughout the day, to provide additional support/interventions.

Teacher Illness

In the event that a teacher is ill, whether through Covid-19, or other illness, we will endeavour to provide the same level of teaching.  However, it may take us 24-48 hours to plan and upload this.

Issues which you may encounter:

Siblings/insufficient devices –

No online learning facility –

Parent is also working from home:

As ever, we continue to completely support you in prioritising the health, well-being and specific needs of your own family. If you anticipate that you will have difficulty accessing our Remote Learning Provision, or require learning materials (e.g. paper/pens), please email the school office.