Year 1 John Henry Newman

‘Growth is the only evidence of life.’

Saint John Henry Newman


Our Team

Learning in EYFS!

Children learn in a variety of ways and in the early years we try to keep it as practical as possible. Children are encouraged to investigate and explore, so they can be as engaged as possible in whatever it is they are doing.

Each week we cover the 7 areas of learning in a variety of ways. Here are some examples of what our learning looks like in each area.

World book day 2021

What a fantastic world book day we had! The children thoroughly enjoyed bringing some of their favourite characters to life. Can you tell which characters joined us in class?

Life after lockdown!

We are finally back together and it’s like we were never apart! We are so glad to be back together and continuing our learning journey.


Personal, social and emotional development is crucial in the early years. It is when children begin to know themselves and understand what their feelings and action mean. Children build up these skills in nearly everything they do! Every interaction they have with their peers supports this development. These pictures show examples of team work and smiles of pride.

Communication and Language

Children’s speaking and listening skills are nurtured in all areas of the curriculum. Everything children do includes some form of speaking and or listening to one another.


English covers reading and writing. We have daily phonics session and we try to apply that phonic knowledge in our learning. We very much enjoy looking at books in our environment. We have a lot to choose from!


We explore mathematical concepts in a huge variety of ways. From indoors to outdoors, there are so many places to apply our skills!

Physical development

Physical development plays a huge role in our learning. From understanding what it means to be healthy to being able to hold a pencil and form letters. We have a fantastic space to work on our physical skills, and we do this in many ways! We have daily fidgety fingers activities as well as weekly PE lessons.

Understanding the world

Children have the chance to explore their own culture and customs and share that with others. Beyond the classroom we look at the wider world and investigate living things around us. The children are encouraged make observations and to share their understanding of what they see. We are unbelievably fortunate to have our very own farm and forest school area for the children to do this in.

Expressive arts and design

We just love to get creative. Everything from art to dance to role play! We even have a fantastic stage outside!

Religious Education