Wraparound Care

Aims & Objectives

We aim to provide a high quality After School Club that meets the needs of both parents and children. For parents, this means knowing that your child is safe and happy in a club that is reliable and offers a consistent service.

For a child, this means an environment that is safe, supportive and encouraging. It is a place to be with friends and make new ones; to be able to try out new activities, to relax, to have fun and enjoy.

At the After School Club we believe all children have the right to play. Play is the basis to providing healthy development and the well being of individuals. The club will provide a balanced structure of activities and play experiences.

Start Times

The Night Owls Club will run from 3.30pm at the end of the school day until either 5.00pm or 6.00pm Monday to Thursday and 1.30pm-4.00pm on Friday during term time. The club will not operate during School Inset days, on the final day of term or when the school is closed to pupils.

Children will be registered in the Hall.  KS1 pupils will be collected from their classrooms and escorted them to the Club, where they will be signed into the after school club register.

Please arrive promptly to pick up your child as the school is locked at 6pm. Collection after 6pm will result in a £10 fine. You will be asked to sign your child out of the register at the close of the session. It is important that you let staff know if anyone other than you (the parent/carer) is collecting your child.

School ParentPay

Parents pay for Night Owls via ParentPay, in advance. Payment with Childcare Vouchers will also be accepted (please speak to the school office for more information if you wish to pay in this way).

Ad-hoc Sessions

Parents will have the flexibility to book ad-hoc sessions, where places are available.

The procedure for ad-hoc sessions remain the same as for regular sessions and a Registration Form, signed Terms and Conditions and Health Forms must be completed before a child attends Night Owls.

Contact Numbers

You can contact the school during school hours on the school telephone number 01923 676022

If you have any questions about our Early Birds and Night Owls provision or would like to make a booking, please contact Mrs Eileen Robinson (Wraparound Care Manager) by emailing wraparound@st-catherine.herts.sch.uk.