Charity Work

At our school, we recognise the importance of following the call of Jesus to live lives with a commitment to the greater good. Through being committed to works of charity, we are developing in children their understanding of the responsibility that has been placed upon us to do what we can to show our support of and solidarity with all members of God’s family. Our commitment to the support of those less fortunate than ourselves leads us to support both local, national and international organisations and charities in their work with those in need throughout the course of the academic year. These include:

In addition to whole school fundraising, each class has a dedicated charity, which links to one of the seven Corporal Acts of Mercy.  This charity will stay with the children for a minimum of two years, as they move through the school, to enable them to develop a deep understanding of the work that charity and how it links to our beliefs as Catholics. 

Our pupils are supported to understand the theological basis that underpins our desire to act for the Common Good and to Love our Neighbour.

Our class charities for 2020-2021 are as follows:

EYFS 1: Give Drink to the Thirsty – WaterAid 

EYFS 2: Clothe the Naked- Clothe the Naked, Ghana –

Year 1 Jacinta: Visit the Sick- Age UK

Year 2 John-Paul: Affiliated School – Rosa Mystica School, Ghana

Year 3 Faustyna: Global Catholic Charity – CAFOD

Year 4 Teresa: Give Comfort to the Dying – Watford Peace Hospice

Year 5 Drexel: Feed the Hungry- Watford Food Bank

Year 6 Orione: Shelter the Homeless- New Hope Trust

Year 6 Bakhita: Visit the imprisoned- Amnesty