Year 4 Jacinta

‘Tell everybody that god grants graces through the immaculate heart of Mary’

St Jacinta Marto

Year 4

Year 4 Curriculum

In English, we wrote descriptions of our favourite teas from our tea tasting on Tuesday. We used different descriptive devices and loved sharing our work with the class.

We had a great time at the science fair, sharing our volcano experiment and the walking water experiment with the school.

Measuring and comparing lengths today in centimetres and millimetres!

Look at our lovely cushion covers. Amazing display of sewing skills in Year 3!

In RE we learnt the meaning and significance of the sign of the cross.

World Book Day 2023!

Feast Day! Dress as something that represents you!




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Year 1 ‘meet the teacher’

EYFS Jacinta 2019-2020

Here in the EYFS we are constantly using key skills to enhance our play. These are called the Characteristics of effective learning.

Through play, we cover a wide ranges of subject areas. We use our speaking and listening skills constantly, to interact with each other.